Shop & Eat

Looking for somewhere to shop and eat in Truro?

When you need something to eat, Truro has you covered. Known as “The Traveller’s Rest,” it is the home of  gorgeous op-shops, tea and wine rooms, bakeries and more. If you need a place to stop and stretch your legs, Truro is the perfect place. 


Truro Community Op Shop 

Where (almost) everything is $1

Truro has had an op shop run by volunteers since the 1970s, raising money for Red Cross. In 2017, the shop became the Truro Community Op Shop, housed in the Town Hall. The funds raised go to Rotary and for projects in local area. 

Some of the projects funded

  • Cleanup of the creek in Heroes Park
  • Heating, insulation and overhead fans installed in the Town Hall
  • Sound proofing in the Oval hall
  • Practice basketballs for the TBC Takers
  • Community picnics
  • RV dump point
  • Reprinting of the history book, Truro, the Travellers Rest.