Take a break at Truro


The Traveller's Rest

Truro sits in the beautiful rolling hills of the Mount Lofty Ranges, and the many back roads provide great walking and riding experiences including the Lavender Federation Walking and Cycling Trails.

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The Truro Community

Truro is near the south-eastern corner of Ngadjuri country, while the hills to the east and south of Truro are of significance to the Peramangk people. The town was settled around the permanent waterholes and creek which have served as important resources for millennia. It was a way station between Adelaide and the River Murray for early travellers, who followed the tracks of the First Nations People who had trade routes across the country.

Settlement by Europeans began in the mid-1800s, with local miners building a number of the early cottages. While the copper mine no longer operates, the town acts as an important service centre for extensive local broadacre farms. It is also a gateway for travellers to the Riverland and to the Barossa, with local businesses providing food, fuel and accommodation.


About Truro

Truro is a vibrant town where local residents and visitors to the region enjoy nature, heritage and a great rural lifestyle.  It is known as “The Traveller’s Rest,” as visitors to the region stop here to take a break, camp out under the stars, and experience the natural beauty and heritage of the region.

Over 400 residents

Local schools & sporting clubs

Vibrant community

Rural, but close to suburban living.